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Many of my grooms have personality and style, yet too many times I have shown up to a wedding where they have a basic suit that doesn’t fit them quite right.  The suit doesn’t say anything about who they are.  Along with that, I often get asked how to tie ties and bowties, how to put a pocket square in and much more.  I’d love to see my grooms take as much time to represent themselves on the wedding day as their bride does.  Bespoke edge is the perfect place for a groom to explore his options and to get a custom fitting suit that he can use for other events throughout his lifetime.
What does Bespoke Edge do?
Simply put, we are a custom clothier for men. We specialize in making fully custom suits, dress shirts, pants, and vests. Each year, we work with well over a hundred grooms to build them an amazing wedding suit or tuxedo.
We really enjoy working with grooms, because for many of them, it’s their first exposure to custom clothing. And that’s an important topic to address, because so much of what we do is teaching men about custom tailoring and styling. We work very hard to share our style tips and knowledge via our blog, YouTube, and Instagram.
Custom clothing can be such a fun world. Many of our grooms (and their financees) love building out a suit because they’re creating a story behind it.
Can you expand on that? In what ways can a suit or tuxedo have a story? 
With bespoke, a groom can have as much or as little control as he likes over pretty much everything. Working button holes on the sleeves are a great example. In off-the-rack clothing, these buttons on the jacket sleeve are purely for decoration. However, with bespoke, we manufacture these buttons authentically and according to tradition, and that means that they actually function. This is one of those tell-tale signs of a custom suit, by the way.
Other fun things to do are to have the jacket monogrammed with the groom’s name inside, or perhaps the date of the wedding. In addition, fun jacket linings are a great way for a groom to show a little personality; and we have some wild linings, for sure! Or, accent button stitching to match the colors of the wedding or his bride’s flowers. The list goes on and on.
What is it that sets Bespoke Edge apart? 
In a word, it’s experience. Ron, my father, has around 40 years of experience in menswear. He’s seen it all! And Alvin, Ron’s right hand man, has an extensive background in men’s style too. We really obsess about the little things in fit that most people and stylists overlook. This is how we add value to our clothes, by applying what I call “the art form,” making the dozens of small adjustments to get our suits to fit perfectly. On their own, these small adjustments may seem trivial, but as a finished product, it’s the difference between an ordinary suit and one that looks like it belongs on the red carpet.
Schedule an appointment for a fitting with Bespoke Edge via their website today:
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