Wedding Photographer

 I live for…

Connection, Documenting life, Listening to trees, Seeing old friends, A cocktail made just for me, A warm breeze against my skin, Believing that anything is possible, Speaking authentically, Witnessing laughter, Singing to my dog, Giving, Love.

I believe everyone has a purpose and mine is to see + document love. I cherish authentic imagery – images that when you reflect on them years later, you can still feel the joy – images that if you don’t know someone, you feel like you might.

I’m deeply connected to my work because capturing profound imagery means I MUST feel the joy of an experience – I must be (emotionally) a part of it. I approach engagement sessions a bit differently.

I call them adventure sessions and have gone hiking, camping, sailing & even cliff jumping in order to ensure the session was true to the couple. Please consider me if you feel who I am and what I offer speaks to you. I’m so looking forward to meeting you!


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