Wedding Photographer

Tess has been taking beautiful photos most of her life.  She and Daylene have been making art together for over 3 years. Everyone adores Tess!  She is so cute, sweet with a side of sass, and very talented.

“I am a dog lover, I just need to get one of my own.

I love adventure, food, and the beach. I guess that means I love vacation. I love vacation!!

South Park is genius. I love Game of Thrones. Documentaries are awesome.

Ohio is home but Colorado has my heart. There’s something about Midwesterners

I love hiking and camping. I tried stand up paddle boarding this summer, I must do more of that.

I wish I would craft more. There’s something so satisfying about making things with your own hands.

I’m a sucker for warm, dreamy light, lovey-dovey poses, and big, genuine smiles.  Let’s work together!”

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