Mismatched Style For Your Bridesmaid Dresses.

November 30, 2016


2016’s Obsession with Mix and Match Dresses

Oh mix-and-match dresses, how we love thee! If you weren’t already aware, the modern concept of varying dresses has exploded. Why has the trend taken hold? What are some great examples of mix-and-match style? How do you pull it off yourself? That’s what we’re hoping to explore today. Join us as we delve into what makes mismatched dresses so awesome, and find inspiration for your own mix-and-match bridesmaid dress styles.

The Benefits Of Mismatched Style

Your immediate reaction might be that mixing dresses would lead to a sloppy, uncoordinated mess. While this is a possibility, it is by no means a certainty. Done correctly, the mix-and-match look can help your bridesmaids stand out and provide several ancillary benefits.

When you mix dress colors and styles, each bridesmaid can don an outfit that plays to their individual personality and body type. With some planning, you can coordinate these colors and styles to complement one another. The end result? An ensemble look that is greater than the sum of its parts. Far from ruining the unity of your wedding party, the mismatched dresses provide a greater level of cohesion while adding visual diversity.

What Does A Great Mix-And-Match Job Look Like?

To see how this plays out to perfection, you need only take a look at some of our own handiwork. The assortment of dresses we provided for Ashley and Luis, for example. They kept a similar color theme but varied the style of the dresses to accommodate the individual bridesmaids to great effect. The hassle of finding an exact dress was lifted from the ‘maids, and they were all able to find something that fit the general theme. Pricing proved to be no issue, as each bridesmaid was able to find an option in their budget without sacrificing looks or quality. This is the true power of mismatched style—custom choices that work for all.

How To Plan For A Mix-And-Match Look

The prospect of opening up the floodgates on choices might seem overwhelming. In truth, it’s quite manageable if you keep a few guidelines in mind:

  • Know your end goal. Keep your eye on the prize from the very beginning. Envision how the dresses will fit the wedding style. Set some parameters for the bridesmaids to follow. Know your girls’ personalities, and how those will fit into the big picture.
  • Set some boundaries. This will keep some commonality between the dresses that will help tie them together. Choose two important features on the dresses that you will change and keep the rest (especially the dress length) the same.
  • Pre-select color swatches that work with one another. If you want contrast, for example, gold bridesmaids dresses will complement maroon ones. If you want something similar but different, consider matching the gold dresses with champagne. The combinations are vast, and an experienced dressmaker can help with suggestions.
  • Offer some guidance. Sometimes people buckle under the weight of choice. If you know a ‘maid might struggle with the idea of making a decision, don’t hesitate to lead them in the right direction.

With that, you should have the formula down for selecting a rocking mismatched style for your wedding. Make sure you pour over your options with care and feel free to peruse our own resources for more information.