Barn At Sunset Ranch Wedding Video

June 19, 2023


Barn At Sunset Ranch Wedding Video

As I arrived at the beautiful Barn At Sunset Ranch for Linda and Bob’s wedding shoot, I was struck by the stunning green surroundings. It was a perfect spring day, and everywhere I looked, I saw lovely details and charming touches that made me feel excited for the day ahead.

Linda and Bob are undoubtedly one of the cutest couples I have ever had the privilege of working with! They have a shared sense of love for each other that absolutely shone through in every shot we captured. I knew as soon as I saw them that this would be one of those memorable shoots that would stay with me forever.

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As I began the video,I thought about how best to capture the essence of this wonderful couple. I wanted to showcase their personalities, their love for each other and for their interests. We began with some romantic shots of them standing in the center of the lush green fields. I could feel the warmth and affection radiating from them, which made my job easier.

As we moved around the venue, Linda and Bob told me about their shared interests, including wine, baseball, and their beloved pet dog, Monte. I knew I had to get some shots of them with Monte, which they absolutely adored! It made me happy to see them so relaxed and happy while I continued to take shots that captured some of the truly beautiful moments of their big day.

One of my favorite moments was watching Linda and Bob’s shared laughter during the infamous sparkler exit that was such a stunning spectacle, and a beautiful way to close out an amazing day of videography.

Overall, I loved capturing Linda and Bob’s Barn at Sunset Ranch Wedding. It was a beautiful reminder of how love can draw people together across a range of interests, and how a couple’s individual personalities can combine to create something truly remarkable. I feel honored to have been able to work with them and capture these memories that will last a lifetime.



Coordinator: Graceful Weddings

Decor: Settings Event Rentals


Cake: QT Cakes

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