Lost Lake Elopement, Buena Vista Colorado

July 13, 2023


Lost Lake Elopement

Right in the middle of wildflower season in Colorado, a couple named Nikki and Kevin decided to have a private wedding at Lost Lake in the beautiful San Isabel National Forest. The hike to the lake was absolutely breathtaking, with stunning views all around.

Nikki and Kevin were quite adventurous, as they carried their wedding attire in their backpacks. Once we reached the top, we had a blast running and playing in the mountain meadows filled with colorful wildflowers. To celebrate their special day, we had a champagne toast and enjoyed a picnic with homemade summer sausage. The groom had actually hunted and made the sausage himself, and let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious!

During our hike, we also had the opportunity to explore the area by lantern light. It was a truly enchanting experience, as we discovered hidden corners and beautiful scenery along the way. But the highlight of the night was yet to come!

We decided to brave the freezing cold but stunning night air and headed to the top of cottonwood pass. There, we experimented with taking photos of the stars. It was a magical sight, capturing the vastness of the night sky and the twinkling stars above. It was a perfect ending to an already incredible day.

This incredible elopement at Lost Lake in the San Isabel National Forest near Buena Vista, Colorado will forever be etched in our memories. The beauty of nature combined with the love and joy radiating from Nikki and Kevin made it a truly unforgettable experience. We are grateful to have been a part of their special day and to have captured these precious moments in photographs.

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