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FAMILY sessionS

It's best to schedule your family session at a time of when all members of the family will be the happiest.  Early morning sessions can be great for some people, while others will prefer later evening.   Midday is not a good time for photos.

The session's time of day will depend on the season and location and will be finalized at booking.

When you're ready to schedule your 1-hour session, please email at so I can secure your date in my calendar.



There are countless landmarks, buildings, parks, and more around Buena Vista/Salida that can accommodate your family session. I highly recommend picking a spot that's special to you and your family.   Select 'next' to view my top family session locations.  (These views can be found near the rodeo grounds) 

rodeo grounds

This beautiful overlook is right near the Vitamin B Campground, not far up county road 375.  There are a variety of rocks, trees, and views. 

Vitamin B Overlook

South Main has a lot of fun places for photography.  It also sits on the Arkansas river and trail.  There are a lot of beaches, bridges, walkways.  It can be a great place for photos.  It's often very busy. 

South Main

Railroad bridge is on the colorado road that goes through the tunnels along the river, just north of Buena Vista.  There is a large parking lot, old bridge and mountain views, as well as the Arkansas River.  No permit is required.

Railroad bridge

Jaw dropping views, fields, trees and rocks!  It's what BV is all about.  This is just past the main Collegiate Peaks Overlook at the parking for Sausage Links and Bacon Bits. 

Sausage links overlook

Elephant rock has so many opportunities for views, hikes, the river, and the tunnels.  It's a great play area but can also be very crowded and busy depending on the season.  You can get unique rocks, the Arkansas river, abandoned train tracks and beautiful views.

Elephant rock 

A little further into 4 mile are some absolutely epic views, fields and meadows.  Stunning aspen are out here and if you are brave enough to follow me, we could have a wonderful adventure. 

4 mile

Cottonwood lake would be a wonderful idea for family photos on a paddleboard or fishing or both.  It's close and pretty!  There are groves of aspen, mountain views and the lake!  A totally different vibe.  

Cottonwood Lake 

Twin lakes is on the way to Leadville Colorado.  About 40 minutes from BV.  You feel like you just drove to switzerland.  There is no lack of photo opportunities here.  Everything you could ask for and no permit required. 

Twin lakes 

It's a bit of a drive (a beautiful one) but past Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort there is a fun little ghost town, St. Elmo.  If you are looking for something very unique this would be a great spot.  

saint elmo

Look for a shallow waterway to play with the kids, mountain views, and overlook.  All of this is at Clear Creek Reservoir and not too far from downtown B.V.

Clear Creek Reservoir 

On the way to Mount Princeton Hot springs, just past the young life camp there is an amazing view of the mountains and wide open field to play in.  You do need a permit so make sure you go with a photographer who has one.

Mt Princeton Overlook

On the way to Leadville there is a charming little town named Granite, just  past the town there is a turn off to a county road.  There are mountains and wide open field to play in, There are also huge groves of tall aspen as well as smaller yellow aspen.


If you live in a beautiful area and have access to something unique, take advantage of that.  I'm happy to come to your place and shoot somewhere new, often if makes for some of the best pictures.  

Private property

Lake Dillon in Silverthorne Colorado is a perfect location for a family session.  There is a ton of variety from aspen trees, to pines, the lake itself and there are viewpoints with stunning mountain backdrops.  No permits are required.

Lake Dillon 

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location ideas


best for: fall, winter

best for: all seasons

best for: all seasons

best for: fall, winter

best for: all seasons

best for: all seasons

best for: all seasons

best for: spring, summer

don't forget the weather

Only one bright color at a time

avoid bold patterns

when in doubt, go neutral

accent with accessories

use complimentary colors

I'd rather the whole family is comfortable and happy then fashionable :). However, if you have great style and want to show it off in family pics, let's do it.  

outfit inspiration


if you're out of ideas we can brainstorm

bring toys or games, bubbles etc

ask your family what they'd like

Bring wipes, snacks, extra clothes if you think you will need them.  You might not be a candy family, but it can really help to motivate the kids if they are having a hard time.

What really shows who you are as a family?

Plan an adventure all of you would love

Remember that family photos turn out the best when we are all having fun.  I'd always prefer to play rather than take static photos again and again.  Think of an activity the whole family likes to do.

session tips:


It may take as long as three weeks to get all of your photos back.  I try to make them a priority as I know you may be printing them for save the dates and other wedding related things. 

06. How long will it take to get our photos back?

Absolutely!  I know being in front of the camera can feel awkward so I have a lot of prompts and games we will play to lighten it up and get you moving.  By the end you will be having a great time!

05. We are nervous, will you give us direction?

Yes, you absolutely can.  If your dog is a handful it's recommended to bring someone else to help watch them so you can focus on each other.  Sometimes we can leave them in the car for a little while.

04. Can we bring our dog on our family session?

I don't usually recommend outfit changes for family photos.  If you'd really like to do one we can. Maybe accessorized and change scarves etc... 

03. How many outfits can we bring?

Full Family sessions are one hour in length and cost $500.  If we get some crazy amazing light we may go a little over but one hour is usually all we need.

02. How long does an family session take?

I will drive up to one hour from Buena Vista Colorado and if I need to go further there will be small travel fee of $200

01. How far will you drive for an family session?

Have a question about your family session? I've got an answer! And if you don't see your question here, please reach out via email: