Six Reasons To Elope And Skip The Big Wedding

May 14, 2022


Six Reasons To Elope And Skip The Big Wedding

Some couples would love to show and confess their love for each other in front of 200+ people. Weddings are big and expensive, but they’re worth it since all your loved ones will be present. However, on the other side of the spectrum, some would instead do the complete opposite. It’s just you and your partner in a place where you can create lifetime memories together. 

If you resonate more with the latter, then maybe you’re already thinking about eloping, but you’re still slightly unsure about it. Let us convince you otherwise! Below, we’ve listed six reasons to ditch the big traditional wedding and have a more relaxed yet intimate personal experience by eloping.

  1. An Intimate Celebration Of Your Love 

Nothing compares to creating memories of a day focused on the two of you. An elopement is an excellent option if you don’t find yourself connecting with the idea of a traditional wedding and if it doesn’t feel right at all.

An elopement will let you shift the emphasis from public performance in front of your friends and family to a day that is entirely focused on you, your partner, your dedication to one another, and how you want your day to go. 

Don’t want religious vows? Patriarchal wedding customs don’t resonate with you? Skip them altogether! By eloping, you can personalize every aspect of your wedding, including where you say “I do” and where you exchange wedding bands

Just imagine truly focusing on each other and celebrating your love in an uninhibited way. It’ll free you up from the stress, worry, and obligations of conventional weddings! 

  1. No Drama At All! 

While we all love our families and friends to pieces, there are moments and memories that we don’t want them to mess up. After all, not every couple feels excited when their friends and relatives assemble in one place! 

Big weddings with people who have very different opinions can complicate things! So if you’ve been dreaming of getting married without having to deal with uncomfortable family dynamics and expectations, elope. When you elope, it’s just the two of you or with a handful of your closest friends or relatives. That way, the entire day will be about what truly matters—the two of you and your love. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that eloping is selfish! At the end of the day, your wedding is yours, and you should do what feels right for you. 

  1. Your Grand Adventure Awaits

Who wouldn’t want a Maui, Hawaii elopement? If you and your partner enjoy a shared love for travel, why not dedicate your time, money, and energy to having an intimate adventure? Eloping lets you do just that! You can be very intentional in choosing the most special place in the world to say “I do.” 

Go to a location you’ve always wanted to explore or revisit a place that holds a lot of meaning for you—the possibilities are endless! The huge plus here? Combining your wedding and honeymoon can reduce the expense of a luxurious honeymoon resort, especially when you consider the money you’ll save from not having to feed 100 guests.

  1. The Irreplaceable Experiences 

Think about this scenario: you’re looking back on your wedding day ten years from now. What are the moments you’ll cherish? The decor? The 100-person three-course feast? The wedding favors? Of course not! 

We’d be willing to wager that the moments that’ll come flooding back are:

  • The first kiss you shared with your spouse.
  • The way you looked and felt in your dress or suit.
  • The sunset you watched as you held each other’s hand.

What matters most are the feelings and experiences you share on your wedding day. 

Eloping lets you strip your wedding back to what’s important to you. Spend your time, effort, and money on an unforgettable trip, a dress that will make you feel like royalty, or a photographer whose work you’ll admire for the rest of your life. Instead of using the money to please others, invest it in yourself! 

  1. Save Money, Save The Environment 

Conventional weddings cost around $34,000 on average. While still a significant financial commitment, elopements typically cost less than traditional weddings. This is because you’re taking out all the extras, saving thousands that you can use to fund a trip to Fiji, a down payment on a home, or emergency savings.

Weddings generate a lot of waste too! Weddings can produce an average of 400–600 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of CO2 for a wedding with a guest list of about 100–120 people. But that’s not a surprise since you’ve got gift wrapping, invitations, name cards, programs, uneaten food, decor, and so on! 

So if you’re looking for a wallet-friendly and environmentally-friendly option, an elopement is definitely for you! 

  1. The Amazing Photos To Remember It All 

There’s a perception that eloping couples don’t care about their special day and wouldn’t spend money on stunning photographs because they are “skipping over” the traditional wedding stuff.

Well, we’re here to tell you that that’s totally wrong! Elopement couples value their wedding experiences so much that they also give a lot of thought to preserving the memories of their wedding. 

Elopements provide you with the time and opportunity to be in your true element, allowing photographers to capture genuine moments. No staged or forced posing here! Instead, it’s just the two of you being yourselves and having the time of your lives.

Just Follow Your Heart! 

Eloping isn’t for everyone, but if you know in your heart and soul that it’s for you and your partner, then elope! This is your big day, and nothing matters more than the happiness of you and your partner.

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Written by Katie Pierce, Content Creator!